Richard Maisano

Place of employment

Masani Italian Dining & Terrace

Chef de Cuisine & Host

I was born in Calabria, Italy and grew up in the town of Bianco on the Mediterranean coast. Over summer holidays I worked at a 5 star Hotel and Resort frequented by travelers and holiday makers from the North of Italy and Europe.

There was also a port where yachts and ships would dock and the Hotel would look after guests as well as stock them with fine foods and drinks for their return journey. It was at Hotel Vittoria, that I fell in love with 5 star service, cuisine, hospitality and my charismatic boss who was the host and owner of the hotel. I was inspired by the attention to detail, European service and the diversity of Italy’s cuisine and culture.

Upon migrating to Melbourne, Australia in the 1970’s I followed my dream and passion of hospitality, and honed my skills and focus on becoming a Chef. I later returned to Switzerland and carried out my apprenticeship at the La Roche Academy.

After returning to Melbourne and working in landmark restaurants, alongside iconic chefs I then pursued my dream in establishing Masani’s. Masani’s was and remains today an expression of my take on hospitality in the vibrant city that is Melbourne. I emphasise quality fresh and local produce, Italian dishes with classic yet complex.

Masani Italian Dining & Terrace


Mobile Number: 0408 982 828

Telephone: 9347 5610