Martin Probst

Place of employment

Leading Chef Academy

Training Coordinator

Martin Probst Mindset Specialist Managing Director of PROfound Coaching Starting his career in hospitality he quickly rose through the ranks working around the world at the top of his profession. He arrived in Melbourne in 2001 after an impressive international management career, to deepen his management knowledge and people skills as Chef de Cuisine within Crown Casino. Realising that his true passion lay in assisting others to reach their full potential, Martin made the move into the classroom.

He trained future managers of various industries with William Angliss Institute and Melbourne RTOs and move into the role of Training Coordinator. A personal achievement during this time was authoring and publishing his first hospitality management book. His passion for sharing knowledge and bringing out the best in people has continued and now incorporates work from his studies in coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Deep State Re-patterning to achieve profound results for individuals and workplaces. Martin now makes a lasting impact on work teams and management by improving their communication, motivation and mindset.

His background and experience working with a wide variety of cultures and people, enables rapid rapport and trust to develop. Martin understands what it means to work in pressured environments and to become the best at what you do. He has the communication skills and tools to coach other individuals and workplaces to achieve the right mindset to excel.