Markus Zihlmann

Place of employment

Royal Caribbean Cruises

President Year

1990 - 1991

Food and Beverage Manager

Food & Beverage Manager at Royal Caribbean Cruises, Ltd I was born and grew up in Switzerland and knew from a young age that I liked to cook and wanted to become a chef. Training in the best places in Switzerland gave me a great platform to explore the world and knock at the door of the best hotels and restaurants. I came to Australia in 1979, working for the Hilton Hotel in Melbourne and, after working in New Zealand for a short winter season, decided to permanently migrate to Australia in 1983 and set up base in Melbourne where I now live with with my wife and two daughters.

After having worked in many Executive Chef positions in the restaurant, hotel, catering and health care industries, I decided to open my own restaurant in the early 90’s – an experience I will always remember. Always looking for a new challenge, the ever changing possibilities of the food industry led to a fantastic job away from home so, with my family’s support, in 2002 I took the opportunity to work on a cruise ship. This was supposed to be a short term prospect Travelling the waters of the world have seen me going to the most beautiful places in the US, Caribbean, Middle East and Europe doing a job which presents something new every day and I absolutely love. I still call Australia home and I’m always looking forward to catch up with my good friends at the LTB when I have my break from the ship.