Julie Armstrong

Place of employment

Education Is Key

Hospitality has always been me, from a 13-year-old at Koonoug Tennis Club as a kitchen hand, O’Brien’s Catering through the late 80s, Potters Cottage early 90s, Fiji mid 90s and my own cake business in Kew for many years, then it was onto South Africa to change it up.

Changing careers in the mid 2000s to an educator, it was ideal for me to teach and train food. Noticing the lack of support and industry linkage I formed Education Is Key which is for teachers and trainers in the secondary space nationally to obtain Professional Learning, with a strong focus on practical learning techniques and one on one support.

My ethos is clear, all children have a right to quality food education. Be that from myself in front of a classroom, one of my highly trained trainers or by me supporting teachers and trainers to have the skills to achieve this. Education Is the Key after all.