Johnny Jong Wun Teck

Place of employment

Crown Melbourne

My name is Johnny Jong Wun Teck, currently attached to Crown Melbourne in a senior management role (Executive Sous Chef) mainly looking after all Premium dining venues.

I have been working in various 5 star properties, including working with Jean Luc Lhourre and Joel Robuchon in Singapore for a French wine promotion dinner. Over 20 years experience in culinary experience and 10 years in management roles. I have been serving many diplomats such as United States President George Bush, Timor Leste President Xanana Gusmo and various ambassadors from US, UK, Mexico and Indonesia as well.

Very own private chef for ambassador in Canada for 2 weeks. Well exposed to various kitchen operations, domestic and international, such as Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. I am also a member of LTB (Les Toques Blanches), ACF (Australia Culinary Federation) and T-Chef (Technical Chef).