Antonio Scotto Di Perta

Place of employment

William Angliss Institute

Born in Naples, Italy, my culinary journey began in 1988 working in a Seafood Restaurant with a brigade of 18, whilst studying at a finely nominated hospitality school Angelo Celletti Hospitality Institute.  I was destined to follow in my father’s footsteps as a Chef.

Young and fired by enthusiasm, by the age of 24 I was promoted to Head Chef in a reputable 2chef hat Restaurant at Lake Como where I developed and refined my skills in fine dining cuisine.  I later went on to lead kitchens in Courmayeur and other locations in the Alps permitting me to experience French cuisine.

My work throughout different regions of Italy allowed me to experience extensive culinary products typical, and sometimes exclusive, to those regions. 

My career path moved to working within Hotels and I took a position as Executive Chef for a Hotel consortium, Costa del Sole Hotels.  As Executive Chef, I directed and managed several kitchen brigades in their various seasonal Hotels. 

I devoted my life to my love of cuisine in Italy, but in 2008 I made the decision to immigrate to Australia to follow my dream of opening my own fine dining restaurant & wine bar.  Bringing novelty to the area, over time, my business moved into the catering arena.  I have continued in my own business whilst stepping back slightly to enjoy my young family.

Today, in addition to being hands-on in the industry, I am sharing my passion for cooking and creating with young hospitality chefs as a Culinary Trainer in Melbourne.