Angela Tsimiklis

Place of employment

William Angliss Institute

Program Leader – Patisserie

Angela Tsimiklis is the Program Leader for Patisserie Programs at William Angliss Institute, a nationally and internationally-renowned specialist centre for foods tourism, hospitality and events education located in Melbourne, Australia.

Angela was born in Adelaide, South Australia. She has been involved in the Hospitality industry for over 26 years and has worked with some highly regarded chefs in the United Kingdom and in China. Angela’s kitchen experience has predominantly been within five-star hotels, restaurants and at major events in Melbourne such as the Australian Open Tennis and the Melbourne Commonwealth Games 2006. With a desire to share her experience and passion for all things Patisserie, her experience has provided her with a solid base to transition into the Vocational Education sector focusing on a professional interest linking industry into the development and education of our future Pastry Chefs. Angela’s “learn what you love” philosophy and her sense of enjoyment engages with students at all levels, ensuring each one of her students is educated to the highest level and has fun while they are learning.

Angela holds a Bachelor Degree majoring in Politics and Philosophy and has continued to develop her educational credentials by completing a Master of Education. She possesses strong leadership skills and has developed a unique team of dedicated and highly-skilled culinary educators who have been at the forefront of providing quality Patisserie education in Melbourne, Australia. This team has been instrumental in designing and delivering Patisserie programs which have a global focus on skills development. This global emphasis has been associated with sending local students and vocational educators abroad to experience cultural aspects and various food philosophies. Angela continues to work with local and international connections to provide an innovative training program through currency and sustainability of skills for the future generation of Pastry Chefs in our industry.

In her spare time, Angela enjoys organic gardening, reading philosophy, travelling and meeting new people and enjoying the glorious live events and vibrant culture for which Melbourne is world-renowned.