Daman & DDs Kitchen

Chef Daman Shirvastav, one of our Les Toques Blanches members , has been very busy cooking meals weekly from his home to support those in need and doing it tuff. 

Daman has been self-funding the food, equipment and delivery costs required to execute his kind gesture for the past 10 years.

As a result of the COVID 19 lockdown he was inspired to create a cooking show with his 8 year old daughter Diya called DDs Kitchen. The aim initially to inspire kids and families in lockdown to cook and appreciate food together. Daman also thought it was a good opportunity to teach his daughter about helping those in need. 

The team of Dad and Daughter were well received and the cooking show quickly became three episodes per week from their family home. The food prepared in each show was then donated to help Melbourne’s forgotten international students and the homeless in Melbourne during the COVID lockdown. The demand from those struggling to cope was immense, and as a result the demand for meals was far more than expected. 

DD’s Kitchen has now become a registered social enterprise in a bid to be able to help more people with greater reach, but in order to do so DD’s Kitchen needs your help to achieve the following:

– Hire a commercial kitchen to prep food 
– Buy $500 worth food a week to feed 100-200 per week – for a year
– Pay for registration, insurance and set up fees

The big dream is to hire or buy a food truck as Daman believes this would be a perfect way to get to as many people in different areas as possible. 

International students and homeless people are finding themselves in dire circumstances in the Melbourne lockdown, Daman has become a beacon of hope for a lot of these people and seeks your help so he can feed even more! 

If you would like to make a donation to this great cause and help DD’s Kitchen help others then please click on the below link.